About Monkeyfab

Today we are focused mostly on projects involving large scale 3D printing, the subject with specific requirements and problems. We approach them with our army of large 3D printers, an array of digital skills, with support of an artistic touch. Our past though is so much more, almost an epic saga of love and betrayal.

Monkeyfab was founded in 2012 by Twardo brothers on the wave of the 3D printing revolution. We have been designing and manufacturing various types of 3D printers: the workhorse Prime 3D, finetuned and subtle Spire and the massive KILO. Our machines gained popularity and many awards like CD3D Printer of the year or Kielce Fair Best Product, they were offered by ABCData - one of polish largest retailers.

A lot of side projects were led to demonstrate the purposes of this new technology and our products, among them there were a remote controlled Goliath landmine replica, a giant polish emblem, a small, phone-controlled vehicle David or a child insurgent from the Warsaw uprising, to name a few. Monkeyfab led events and organized workshops to share experience in building and using 3D printers. Tank race on Kielce Fair, 3D modeling and printing workshops for most talended youth by Adamed, or SILKNOW fashion event in Warsaw.