A planetarium for Wroclaw University in Bialkow

A giant 3D print of a the actual lunar surface with a diameter of 4.5m

About the project

Large scale 3D printing

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What are we

Monkeyfab was founded in 2012, we are a 3D printing company. We use modern technologies to complete unusual tasks. We have a farm of large format 3D printers, which ensures fast and safe production of large objects. We use solutions supported by many years of experience.

What do we do

We offer products for a wide range of industries. We work with museums, artists, architects, advertising and design firms. We scan in 3D, design in CAD, model in 3dsMax, sculpt in Zbrush. We give our projects a unique character by combining innovative technologies and traditional artistic techniques.

About Monkeyfab

Our services

We provide full support in all phases of the project. From concept and visualization, through technical design, selection of materials and technologies to standards and requirements, matching the existing infrastructure, transport and installation, to service and warranty. We provide ready-to-use solutions.

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This model of Mars, measuring over 80 cm, is a decoration in the hall of the new University of Wrocław building. It is a faithful replica of the real Mars, created on the basis of NASA data sets. It is a faithful reproduction of the real Mars, created from NASA data sets. According to unofficial data, 3D printing Mars puts Monkeyfab in the top tier of companies interested in space, right after rover designers.

Replicas of monuments

The sculpture from the sanctuary in Šastín is an important object of Slovak national heritage. 3D scanning is non-contact and completely safe for the monument, the model obtained is identical to the original. Printed object is protected by appropriate resins, which improves its durability and resistance to weather conditions. The last stage involves the application of polychrome using traditional techniques. The copy was made in cooperation with 3DMaster for the visit of Pope Francis in 2021.



3D printing

Large scale FDM and other technologies. We print, advise, solve problems

3D scanning

Capture geometry of any object. Fast, non-contact, safe.


From sketch to 3D model. We support every the project at every stage.

CAD modeling

Every technical detail is modeled in specialized CAD software.

Poly modeling

For visualization, animation or virtual models we model artifacts, props, mock-ups...

3D sculpting

3D high poly sculpting (ZBrush) combined with printing offers fantastic possibilities.

Surface finishing

Reinforcing and protecting surfaces for outdoor display.


With an artistic finish, 3D printing takes on character and stops being associated with plastic.

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We use 3D printing where it makes sense. While other technologies are usually used for mass production, when making parts for prototypes 3D printing is unbeatable. There is no need to produce expensive and time-consuming molds, changes can be made instantly, and parts are ready for pickup even the next day.



We make architectural mock-ups, product mock-ups and casting models. The view above shows a casting model of the ruins of At-turaif city in Saudi Arabia, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The model is nearly 4m wide and consists of 63 elements. It was used as the basis for a bronze casting for the museum in Riyadh.

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We realize the most amazing ideas for events, parties, fairs, showcases and various expositions. 3D design, visualization, animation, the combination of various manufacturing technologies allows us to realize any object. We prepare a concept, discuss the details in visualizations and deliver the finished product. The giant figurine project was realized for the 3D Printing Center.

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Aphrodite of Melos also known as Venus de Milo. Faithful copy of the sculpture from the Louvre, with a finish imitating sandstone, made on the basis of a 3D scan. The materials used, the workmanship and the protective layer allow for direct outdoor exposure. Thanks to its light weight, it can be installed on light ceilings without additional reinforcements or foundations.