Wroclaw University planetarium

A giant 3D print of a the actual lunar surface with a diameter of 4.5m

In 2020. Bergerbau restored the former solar observatory in Bialkowo, a facility belonging to the University of Wroclaw. One of the project stages was to build a planetarium with a diameter of 4.5m. The dome was to be covered with a 3D printed surface of the moon. Monkeyfab undertook the entire task. A detailed project of making and assembling the planetarium was created, as well as a simulation of the installation, due to very limited space and possibilities of elements transportation.

The self-supporting screen was made in composite technology from 9 elements and constituted the structure for the lunar surface. The moon model was created from a "3D scan", with a resolution of 56m/pixel taken by NASA with the Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter (LOLA) probe. From the 22 GB dataset we created a 3D model of the real lunar surface and then developed over 100 segments for printing. The prefabricated segments were assembled and connected on site. The lunar surface is artistically painted according to the real colour scheme.